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Connect to RDS AWS Postgres Database from ArcMap.

01-22-2021 01:07 PM
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I create a RDS database in AWS using this option.

 aws1.PNG, this is a public database and I've been trying to connect to to postgres database. 

aws2.PNG I've been using this endpoint URL..

aws3.PNG i tried also using DB instance name (shar) and database ports

aws4.PNGSo In ArcMap i use database connection using postgresSQL, instance name i put endpoint URL with default user and password. and I get his error. 

aws5.PNGSo, i do not know how to connect to database and then create an enterprise geodatabase. Any help will be appreciated. 




Diego Llamas

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Are you able to connect to this database at all, e.g. by setting up an ODBC connection in Windows and using the connection test option there?

Maybe one of the posts in this other thread is of some use:

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

I connect to PostgreSQL RDS databases all the time, however, I *NEVER* connect as the postgres login.

I suggest you create a data ownership login and try connecting as that. 

You should make sure that you have enabled the postgis extension in the database, and that the database name is all lower-case (which would give a different error).

- V

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@VinceAngelo on a related (albeit late) note: are there any settings that must be updated to get decent performance from a PostGreSQL RDS instance in AWS? The geometry field of spatial datasets seems to absolutely obliterate performance in the PG_Geometry format regardless of how we modify the RDS settings. 

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

I'm not sure what you might mean by this. I've never  modified any settings.  AWS just works.

I should point out that there can be  significant performance issues across missions.  I had a three network hop solution (with shared router load among a couple of hundred power users) that was an order of magnitude slower than local access. But that's just AWS being AWS -- tightly coupled applications need to be in the same mission.

- V

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