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cannot access child branch version with WebApp

03-10-2024 03:09 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Hi GIS folks, I possess a strong understanding of data management, particularly in the realm of versioning. Two years ago, I successfully worked with branch versioning, enabling me to access any child branch version within a web map by adding a custom parameter called 'gdbVersion.' At the time, this method worked effectively, although I don't recall the specific versions I was utilizing.

Recently, I've been attempting to replicate this process with no success. I have a feature class registered as branch versioned and published to our enterprise system. Despite creating a new child version and making edits within it, I've encountered difficulties trying to view this specific child version within the web map. I've experimented with various custom parameters such as 'versionName,' 'versionGuid,' and 'versionId,' but none seem to yield the desired outcome. The default version continues to be displayed.

environment right now:
ArcGIS Pro 2.9
ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1

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