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ArcMap + multiple .SDE Connections: What's ArcMap doing?

04-13-2015 09:43 AM
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Hi. I am looking for some clarification/explanations regarding some observations. My scenarios are carried out in ArcMap 10.2.2, 10.3 Geodatabase, Oracle 11g, connection syntax is <Oracle server/Oracle service name>. But I don't think these particularities or differences in software versions are relevant.

I have four connection files, all to the same geodatabase (FYI: my_user_name[...] is Oracle connect through functionality, Nobody.sde simply means that no credentials are stored in the .sde file).

Scenario 1:

I first open my_user_name[sde].sde (success) and then attempt to open sde.sde. The latter one fails, as if ArcMap has passed my_user_name's password instead of sde's password. Why?

Scenario 2:

I first open sde.sde (success) and then attempt to open my_user_name[sde].sde. Both connections work successfully,  as if ArcMap knew to pass the correct passwords this time (but it didn't in Scenario 1). Why?

Scenario 3:

I open sde.sde (success) and then open Nobody.sde (success). However, Nobody.sde did not prompt me for my credentials, as if ArcMap simply went ahead and passed to Oralce sde.sde's username and password. Why?

I'm not asking for a solution to one specific use-case. But you can see that when a lot of folks share .mxds, drag&drop layers between .mxd's, etc. etc. just about every imaginable issue will come up sooner or later.

Can you describe what ArcMap is doing in my 3 scenarios? Is there any good documentation of the processes that are taking place? Thanks!

Vince Angelo​ or​ Jake Skinner​​ ?

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Tobias Fimpel​ I think the best way to get an answer to this behavior or understand why this is happening, would be to contact Esri Tech Support.

Others can give you a logical explanation as to "how it should work", however this may need testing to understand whats going on behind the scenes.

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Thanks for your reply Asrujit SenGupta​. Can you point me to any technical documentation of "how it should work"?

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