ArcGIS Pro and local SQL Express DB

09-18-2019 11:20 PM
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i've searched everywhere (well everywhere i can think off) and i am struggling, back when i had ArcMap 10 you could create an local SQL express DB but i can't seem to find the same in ArcGIS Pro.

i've installed SQL Server Dev edition and can connect Pro to it, i can create a feautre class in the SQL DB, i can copy a feature class to the SQL DB but when add it into pro to update / create new features its added as a query layer and i cant edit it

i am guessing i've done it wrong some how....


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@George_Thompson , are there any updates to this? We rely on the 'Desktop Geodatabase' (formerly 'Personal ArcSDE' database) quite heavily. We are trying to ween our staff off of ArcMap since it won't be supported much longer. 

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I have not seen any updates on this topic. I would look towards using file geodatabases and / or SQL Server (Standard / Advanced) enterprise geodatabases.

You may want to log a case with support to see if they have any other information.

--- George T.
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We often have databases with 200K, sometimes 1M+ records. Geoprocessing is way too slow when doing joins --> select by attribute --> calculate field, even with proper indexes. SQL can do it in a couple of seconds (literally) with UPDATE ... INNER JOIN....WHERE. There are many other areas where SQL is much more efficient than geoprocessing (and sometimes the opposite is true). 

Beyond the need for Desktop Geodatabases, is ESRI going to continue to offer the Workgroup database? It seems like those can't be administered from Pro either.