Relationships( Joins) management in GdbApi?

08-11-2017 11:13 PM
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Hello Everyone

I'm Writing a Program to export GE Smallworld VMDS(Database) to Esri Geodatabase (C#).

currently at the begining, could create a geodatabase, delete it, insert Feature dataset, Create dataset and insert records in it( pretty most of things that i wanted to do). But the problem is that in the API i couldn't find a relevant way to manage Relationships.

imagine i have table A and Table B. these two tables have been related by a join filed in smallworld.

table A has 1*n relationship with table B. in the smallworld i could click on the join field at the table A and see the joind records of table B.

first question, Does this API support relationships?

if so, could anyone give me a hint or provide me with a sample code snippet to manage relationships.

Thanks in advance

Sadeq Aramideh

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