Top 3 Free Courses for ArcGIS Beginners

09-29-2021 08:49 AM
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ArcGIS has many powerful capabilities for mapping, analytics, data management, and more. We understand that learning new software can be intimidating, and that’s why we have plenty of free resources to help you get started. Our “Basics” web course series is designed to help you learn fundamental workflows and concepts so you can quickly apply your new knowledge to tangible, real-world tasks and projects.

The three courses listed below are completely free and self-paced, so you may work on them as time permits. The courses provide videos to understand concepts, exercises to practice common workflows, and quizzes to test your knowledge. You will also receive a certificate for each course you complete.


  • GIS Basics is for those who are completely new to geographic information systems (GIS) and want to learn fundamental GIS terminology and capabilities. Learn how to use GIS tools to visualize and analyze data to solve spatial problems and make more informed decisions. You’ll also discover how ArcGIS helps organizations address business needs. 

  • ArcGIS Pro Basics introduces you to the power of Esri’s professional desktop software and explores the tools to integrate, visualize, analyze, and share data. You will learn the basic functionality of ArcGIS Pro and gain confidence in using the software.

  • ArcGIS Online Basics explores the fundamental applications and tools of our cloud-based GIS software. ArcGIS Online is used to map data, share content, and collaborate with others. You’ll discover how implementing these functionalities may benefit you and your organization. 


If you are ready to start your ArcGIS learning journey, these courses are a fantastic place to begin. Once you have a foundation in ArcGIS, browse through the entire course catalog and find other courses, tutorials, and videos that pique your interest and support your ArcGIS education goals. Happy learning! 

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Katie Smith was born in the beautiful state of Minnesota and now resides in sunny Southern California. She is on the Esri Training Team and desires to help people learn about the fascinating world of GIS.