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Live Training Seminar Follow-up: Get Started with Field Maps Designer

08-17-2023 08:00 AM
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 We held our Live Training Seminar Get Started with Field Maps Designer today and want to give everyone a chance to apply what they learned and share their work with the greater Esri Community. Didn't have the chance to attend the seminar? You can watch the recording on Esri Academy. This forum is an opportunity to interact with people in the community to share ideas, examples, expressions, and learn from others. Here are some ideas to get started—you can choose your own adventure!

Try it out and share your work!

We want you all to put your skills to the test and share your work. Scroll to the bottom of this post and add a comment to share your work by providing screenshots, explanations, Arcade expressions, and ideas! You will need to be signed in to Esri Community to add a comment.

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