Change is Challenging: Get a Plan to Prepare

05-21-2019 03:37 PM
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If you're attending this year's Esri User Conference, are you going to San Diego with a plan to collect specific technical information to support an upcoming ArcGIS project? Or do you have a flexible plan to discover what’s possible with the latest ArcGIS capabilities and take that information back to your colleagues?


Either way, to achieve real business impact, your organization needs sustained technology adoption.


As organizations deploy ArcGIS software and new geospatial capabilities to improve their operations, a common challenge that leaders face is preparing the impacted workforce to quickly adopt new technology-driven workflows. Low adoption means a longer timeline to achieve the intended business results—or worse, results may not materialize as intended.


When individuals have a high comfort level with established processes, embracing new workflows requires a willingness to change. For most humans, change is uncomfortable. Leaders who focus on supporting the workforce through a time of change will be rewarded with a smoother transition to new workflows, faster technology adoption, and a more confident workforce.


This year, a two-day preconference seminar is specially designed to support conference attendees who are modernizing GIS-supported workflows, planning a new ArcGIS deployment, or expanding ArcGIS access outside the current user base.


The Preparing for Change Workshop addresses practical steps organizations can take to, yes, prepare for change. Guided by Prosci-certified Esri change practitioners, attendees will complete activities from the first phase of the popular Prosci ADKAR model of change management, including


  • Document the strategic implications of ArcGIS adoption at all levels of the organization.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of impacted stakeholders.
  • Establish a support and sponsorship framework to ensure long-term successful adoption.
  • Communicate effectively by understanding the organizational impacts of new technology from the perspective of executives, managers, and employees.


As a takeaway, attendees will get templates they can use to start actioning change-management efforts immediately after the conference.


If your organization is planning a technology change that will significantly impact existing workflows, take the opportunity to learn how to prepare your people to quickly embrace change, adopt new workflows, and get meaningful results with the cool technology you will see in July.


Where and When

San Diego, California

July 6-7, 2019

8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


Who Should Attend?

Preconference seminars have an additional fee and are open only to registered conference attendees.


  • Senior managers who want to increase the overall adoption rate of new geospatial capabilities
  • GIS managers who want to plan a people-focused change management effort
  • Influencers and change agents who are involved in ArcGIS projects and user adoption initiatives


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