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06-12-2017 09:04 AM
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Updated June 8, 2023

The Hands-On Learning Lab (presented by Esri Training Services) is found at many Esri and user group conferences throughout the United States. Hugely popular, the Hands-on Learning Lab helps attendees squeeze maximum learning out of their conference experience.

How? By providing a dedicated space where you can take free lessons on a variety of GIS and ArcGIS topics. Each self-paced lesson takes about 45-60 minutes, and includes a video lecture and a step-by-step exercise that mimics a real-world workflow. We provide all the software needed.

Esri Hands-On Learning Lab at the 2018 Esri User Conference

The Lab is always staffed by one or more Esri instructors, who are happy to answer questions and recommend lessons. Or just chat.

The next time you attend a conference, be sure to seek out this great venue to learn something new, build up your existing ArcGIS skillset, and enjoy access to an Esri expert. Bonus: You can escape the conference hubbub, relax in a quiet atmosphere to recharge your batteries, and be productive all at the same time.

Experience the Lab for yourself at one of these upcoming events.

2023 Hands-On Learning Labs

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