Esri Exam Day Preparation Tips

04-13-2023 06:03 AM
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Exam Day Preparation

Planning for exam day begins with understanding the tasks associated with exam day and defining your expectations as you complete these tasks. Remember, exam day is part of your certification journey -- not the destination. By outlining these tasks and adding them to your Certification Journey RoadMap, these tasks become milestones and achieving your milestones creates ‘wins’ along the journey.

  1. Buy an Esri Exam Voucher
  2. Create Your Exam Day Appointment within the Pearson VUE Registration System
  3. Attend the Registration Appointment and Take the Exam


Personalize Your Experience

To begin, read our blog to familiarize yourself with Pearson VUE Exam Day Preparation Recommendations, then follow the steps below to select the options that best meet your preferences. 

  1. Buy an Esri Exam Voucher
    • The most direct access from our website to the 'purchase' button is to visit the exam details page to purchase an exam with your ArcGIS account. (Need help with your ArcGIS Account? Click here)
    • But, for a personalized experience -- ensure you have aligned your training and certification goals in My Academy and use the 'purchase' button on My Wish List.
  2. Register with Pearson VUE
  3.  Attend the Registration Appointment and Take the Exam  
    • Watch this Test Center Video to set your expectations for an in-person exam delivery at a test center. 
    • Watch this Online Testing Video to understand the process for an OnVUE online exam delivery AND review the Pearson OnVUE for Esri web page,, to run a system test. NOTE: Pearson strongly recommends using a personal computer (i.e., one not issued by your employer) and a wired, ethernet connection. Additionally, it is important to understand that not all systems are compatible with OnVUE and you may need to take the exam with the in-person test center.
    • Be sure to reschedule within 48-hours before your exam day appointment ensuring that you do not forfeit your exam fee and need to purchase a new voucher.


Celebrate the Journey

Planning your milestones creates ‘wins’ along the journey. Define your success metrics before you ever attend the exam day appointment.

  • Celebrate everything that went as planned and update the plan milestones as you achieve them.
  • Remember, this is your certification journey -- not certification destination.
  • Not all exams will be 'passed' on the first attempt, know this and have a plan for the next steps.

Lifelong learning doesn't end because you 'pass' the exam, so 'pass' or 'not', have a plan to celebrate all that you have learned and achieved on this journey.  Be proud of your accomplishments and know that we are proud of you and all that you do to contribute to our industry.

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-- Best to you on your certification journey!


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