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Problem Adding Custom Links to Search Result

03-20-2013 04:34 PM
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I have followed the instructions in:
but I cannot get it to work. I want to use the networkr tag to allow the user to download a shapefile (zipped) and another link to download an lpk file.

In I have added the lines   = LPK File   = Shapefile
and I have modified the other files exactly as shown in the sourceforge document referred to above. What happens is there is a link called "Open" that will open the LPK file. What I want to happen is that the "Open" link should work with the Onlink tag (if it has a URL) and there should be a link called "LPK File" that works with the appropriate networkr line in the metadata and there should be a link called "Shapefile" that works with the networkr line in the metadata that links to a zipped shapefile. But there is no "LPK File" or "Shapefile" link.

I even used the sample metadata as one of the tests and I also completely deleted the Lucene index and rebuilt it, and stopped and re-started Tomcat. What could I be missing or doing wrong?
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Did you update the CSW Response xslt as noted in the sourceforge wiki?

Did you check to see if the element in your xml that contains the path to the zipfile is indexing in Lucene and getting the field results you need?
http://<your server address here>/geoportal/rest/index/stats/fields

I had a lot of trouble making all this work until I went back and discovered one unedited value in my property-meanings.xml file related to the <dc /> element.  The xml element from my metatdata file is this:

So my property-meanings element had to look like this:
<property-meaning name="linkage" valueType="String" comparisonType="value">
  <dc name="dct:linkage" scheme="urn:x-esri:specification:ServiceType:linkage" />

This was after I added two possible XPath's for the linkage element to my indexables file:
<property meaning="linkage" xpath="/metadata/distInfo/distTranOps/onLineSrc/linkage | /metadata/distInfo/distributor/distorTranonLinSrc/linkage"/>

And don't forget to clear your browser cache and restart Tomcat when you make changes. You probably already do that , but they are easy to forget sometimes.
Hope this helps. This geoportal thing has been very challenging for me and I am still wrestling with it on a daily basis. Very obtuse app for a non-programmer like me.
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