Utility Network Schema - Junction Boxes

01-15-2020 03:05 PM
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I'm not sure what to do with some data we collect about our junction boxes.  I can't seem to find a field/domain in the default schema.  With our junction boxes we are collecting data such as:

  • LoadBreak = Yes/No
  • PullThrough = Yes/No
  • J-Bars = 3Way/4Way/NA
  • Unibar = Yes/No

This data is useful for our planners to know if they can tap into a J-Box.  It helps operators know if they can operate/switch at a J-Box.  Is there such a place in the default schema for this data?

Our Junction Boxes don't participate in the geometric network, so I'm trying to map to the StructureJunction feature class.

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Hi Eddy

the attributes Pull Through, J-Bars and Unibar can be either added to the structurejunction class or set the alias for an existing field that is not used for junction boxes and assign a domain to it with the appropriate values.  I will be looking at adding these to our base model next week and can email you with how we will do this in the next release of the model.

Load Break is a bit more complicated.  So, we have designed our electric data model to allow for traces that can identify load breaking equipment quickly.  For example, return the first load break devices upstream of my point/position.  We do this by assigning the "E:Load Break" network category to the specific asset types in the ElectricDevice or ElectricJunction feature classes.  Given this is a structure, that won't work.  But, if you don't care about these cabinet's being used in traces to find the closest upstream load breaking device, then you can just use an attribute.  But, if you want to find the first upstream load breaking device, we need a feature in the elecricdevice or electricjunction class.  In the Electric Model, notice that we have features that go inside the cabinet that are in the electric device class the Medium Voltage Elbow/Load Break Feed Thru,which would be like a G&W "Multiple Point Junction"  https://www.gwelectric.com/webfoo/wp-content/uploads/JBAR.pdf 

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Cannot you just create a domain for them