Celebrate Earth Day 2024 With Your Students!

04-17-2024 11:22 AM
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Earth Day comes around annually, on April 22nd. It is a day to stop, take a moment, and appreciate the beauty of nature and our planet. It is crucially important to provide resources to students from a young age that not only allow them to grow an appreciation for Earth but to also in the future (hopefully) take the steps to preserve it and its resources.

Esri provides K -12 schools with free access to our GIS technology that opens up a door to an entirely new way to view our Earth. With the Esri ArcGIS Schools Bundle, you can engage with maps, data, and products that help you to recreate fun and exciting ways to view this beautiful green and blue planet.

These resources are designed to help educators get students excited about exploring the outside world.

Resources for Earth Day


Esri GeoInquiries | Environmental Science Collection

GeoInquiries are 15-minute instructional activities that use interactive maps (geographic) to enhance your academic instruction of standards-based topics from grades 4 to 12. They’re ideal for the classroom as it doesn’t require a login or installation of ArcGIS Online.

This Environmental Science GeoInquiries Collection supports the map-based concepts found in high school environmental science like speciation, pollution, population ecology, and energy.



This collection offers a variety of activities that you can do with your students which include: Tropical Deforestation, Marine Debris, Spinning Up Wind Power, Altered Biomes, and more.

Check Out the Environmental Science GeoInquiries >>


Esri GeoInquiries | Earth Science Collection

The Earth Science GeoInquiries Collection features all the major map-based concepts found in a typical middle or high school earth science course– topography, earthquakes, volcanoes, oceans, and more.

Some of the activities included in this collection include Cracked Plates, Climate Change, Rock Types, and more.

Explore the Earth Science GeoInquiries >>


ArcGIS StoryMaps | Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

Esri’s ArcGIS StoryMaps allow you and your students to harness the power of maps to tell stories that matter. Together (or on your own), you can create remarkable stories that give meaning to your maps.

The ArcGIS StoryMaps ‘Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day, collection provides gorgeous stories about the planet and its champions.

Dive into the collection of stories >>


Mapping Trees Activity

A great way to get your kids or students outside to celebrate Earth is by participating in a fun mapping trees activity. The tree study uses GIS to enable users to view data easily. It has an interactive, digital map that is easy to use, and interact with.

Mapping trees is a great way to collect information about them like how many, how big, and what type. GIS is all about gathering data, working with it, and understanding it based on location and data.



Explore the outdoors >>


Additional Esri Resources

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Happy Mapping & Happy Earth Day!