Pyscripter how to Uncomment a block?

04-29-2015 04:54 AM
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Good morning everyone,

How can I Uncomment a block of code in Pyscripter?

Also is there  any option in Pyscripter that checks the module similar to the one in IDLE "Check Module"?


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In PyScripter to comment a block you can use the following keyboard shortcut: ctrl + " (press and hold ctrl as you press the " on your keyboard).

To uncomment a block you simply highlight your commented block of code and use the same keyboard shortcut listed above.

As  long as you import arcpy, you should see module information as you type. This is a nice feature because it allows you to view the required parameters to the geoprocessing tools being used.

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Highlight commented code and then press and hold ctrl as you press the " on your keyboard.

As long as you import arcpy, a popup should display showing the required parameters for the geoprocessing tool as you type.

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