Project Spatial Reference on the fly for Image Service into another spatial reference using basemap

06-22-2021 11:57 PM
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Hello All,
Need your help on below :
Requirement/Expectation :

(Preview Tool) in Experience Builder, here requirement is to preview Image Service and project its Spatial reference on fly into various other spatial references
What we have in our project ArcGIS server environment is one Image service(WKID:27700) & one Esri Online basemap(WKID:3857).
Targeted Spatial Reference : 4326,4277,8685 & few other Custom Projections.

Methods/Challenges :
1. First We are tried to Reproject image service into targeted spatial reference but while reprojecting it is throwing error saying "Image service spatial reference is Read only".
Is there any way to reproject Image service into targeted spatial reference on the fly in our EB application?
2. Secondly as a workaround we tried to achieve this using changing Spatial Reference property of "mapview" to targeted spatial reference which will further wrap added data on "Mapview" based
on "Mapview's Spatial Reference" but during change basemap(Esri Online Basemap) is throwing error "Selected Basemap cannot be converted into targeted spatial Reference" due to which basemap is not loading.
Is there any way we can change Esri Online Basemaps Spatial Reference or we have to create our own basemap? Please check the snapshot attached.
3. If we create our own custom basemap will it allow us to change the spatial reference of our map on the fly?
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