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Organizing layers automatically in a webmap with Python

04-05-2020 01:41 AM
New Contributor II

Hi everybody!

I'v been using a python script for one year to publish automatically a webmap with a feature layer collection from ArcGIS Pro to AGOL.

Everything was ok before the last update of AGOL: the polygons were at the bottom of the TOC, then the lines, and the points on the top, without doing anything, like in my map in ArcGIS Pro.

Since the last update, in AGOL, the polygons are on the top, and the points at the bottom. 

Do you know if it may be a bug, or if there is a solution to modify the order of the layers depending on the geometry?

Maybe in the "add_layers" options? (I tried with "auto arrange", but I got an error (too much arguments for this function)

Thanks a lot in advance!

Cheers and stay safe mapping and coding at home! 🙂


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