Loading Local Network Dataset with Runtime SDK for Xamarin

07-27-2016 06:19 PM
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I am attempting to load a local network dataset on an Android device to do routing with Xamarin. The geodatabase file and the respective folder is placed in the "Download" folder and read from there.

On loading and creating a route task, an error is thrown and I got a stack trace which can be found in the attached text file. Now I could not make out anything from the stack trace but I hope to be enlightened on the possible cause of error.

The network dataset runtime content was generated in ArcMap 10.2.2.

Code used:

var geodatabase = @"/storage/emulated/0/Download/Routing/Van.geodatabase";

var isFileFound = File.Exists(geodatabase); // true

var routeTask = await RouteTask.CreateAsync(geodatabase, "Van"); // Error occurred here

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