How to change .soe file name using maven pom.xml

09-01-2023 11:13 AM
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I've created an SOI. Maven "install" goal creates .soe file (MySOI.soe). Is there a way to modify .soe file name ( i.e. append version number) in pom.xml so that the name MySOI.soe becomes MySOIv1.0.soe?

Here is an extract from pom.xml:

        <!-- Include any additional plugin dependencies here if needed -->
            <TARGETS>10.9</TARGETS> <!-- Required -->

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Dear IakovMelnikov,

I hope you are doing well,


If you want to change the name of the .soe file you should change the value inside "artifactId".

For example you should do that: <artifactId>MySOIv1.0</artifactId>.

After changing the value you should reload project from the .pom file.

If you need more clarification please let me know.


Sincerely yours,

Amir Sarrafzadeh Arasi

Amir Sarrafzadeh Arasi