Export Web Map Task of AGOL map from PHP

02-15-2017 03:18 AM
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Hi all!

is there anybody that can help using the ExportWebMapTask of AGOL from a PHP page for protected hosted layers? 

Our app launches a PHP page to generate an advanced PDF report that should includes some map frames for the selected features. Watching how the  the printing services we manage to create a png of the basemap, but as soon as we include some of the protected layers into the json map object definition we are not able to print.

Any experience to share or documentation we can use to set this up? 


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You could make use of the Esri Resource Proxy to allow authentication and token acquisition for the secure layers.

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This may be the same issue we are having, if so it is a bug, but not on ESRI's priority list


Update from  the analyst is below.

- BUG-000096914 - Printing an external secure service with a limit usage on referrer URLs fails in the ArcGIS Online map viewer or application
  As you mentioned, closed as a duplicate of BUG-000098312
- BUG-000098312 - Printing service fails to print an ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS item that secured with limited access and credentials are embedded within it.
  Closed and fixed in 10.5. There was no additional information in bug notes.

Therefore, you are correct, BUG-000096914(BUG-000098312) has a fix in 10.5. In the meantime, ArcGIS Server Manager Upload Patch does mention the fix for BUG-000098312. However, since there is no version 10.4, the customer will need to upgrade ArcGIS Server to 10.4.1 to apply the patch.