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Calling a second method in the Value Info for AA

02-17-2017 07:24 AM
New Contributor III

I am trying to use the Dynamic Value table for Attribute Assistant to populate a field value (Address) in a standalone table (Ownership) with the name of the nearest road centerline feature (for those parcels that do not have addresses) to the parcel related to that ownership record. If it makes it any clearer I am trying to accomplish the following:

Using the SBL field in the Ownership table ---> activate/call up related parcel ---> use NEAREST FEATURE to populate the Address field in the Ownership table with the name of the roadcenterline that is closest to the "activated" parcel

The parcel feature class does not have an address field built into it.

I do have the parcels selected via the relationship already, "activating" a parcel would allow it to use the relationship to get the information for the NEAREST FEATURE method.

Would I be able to nest methods within the "Value Info" field of the dynamic value table? If so, how? If I can I would anticipate using the NEAREST FEATURE method within that field and use the COPY LINKED RECORD (or something like that) to update the Address field in the Ownership table.

Any help is always appreciated! Thank you!

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