ArcGIS Runtime for Blazor (.NET Core)

05-23-2020 12:27 AM
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Hello ESRI Team,

Are you working on supporting ArcGIS Runtime Map in Blazor (WASM) to replace JavaScript solution ?

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Hi Waldemar

I basically have the same question - unfortunately no answer... 

Have you tried to integrate the JS API oder the Runtime into a Blazor client app? If so, would you share your findings?

Thanks a lot

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Hi Bernd,

No, I din't try, yet. My ArcGIS application is .NET WPF. I am waiting for ready-to-use Blazor/Razor component.

P.S. Please click button "I also have the same question" in my original post, which I suppose may increase attention from ESRI staff.

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Yes, I have also the same question :) ! Would be great to be able to use the combination Blazor .net c# (which all are opensource) towards ESRI solutions to minimize the need for code in Javascript with big frameworks like React, Angular and similar ;) ! A ready-to-use Blazor/Razor component would have been great!!

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I totally agree.  I have integrated the JS API into a Blazor client app.  If anyone is interested I can share some code to show how.  It's not that complicated.