Why Isn't Autoincrement Built-In To Calc An ID Field While Sorted On Multiple Fields?

08-06-2019 11:59 AM
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I am continuing a conversation that began from the following post titled increment field in sorted table https://community.esri.com/thread/204405-increment-field-in-sorted-table

Although there seemed to be success by others from the code presented within the post above, it doesn't seem to allow me to use the correctly marked answer to calculate an auto-incremented unique ID field that has first been sorted from multiple other fields.  It was suggested from the previous conversation that I post an example of sample data what I am trying to do, but I will attempt to explain rather than supplying bogus sample data.

I would like to first sort my municipalities parcels by zoning, then block number, then lot number and then qualifier code and after the shapes are sorted correctly to my liking, I would like to auto generate a sequential numerical ID from one up, while keeping the parcels in the correctly sorted order.  Is there a built-in feature that I'm simply too thick to see or is this something that still remains unavailable from a simple button-click and using a little bit of code is still required in order to do this?

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