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08-05-2019 11:15 AM
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I have a parcel feature class with about 75K features, My attribute dissolve field has 500 or so parcels that I want to dissolve . The rest of the 70000 records have null in the dissolve field.  What I would like is an output feature class that shows all of the records both dissolved and null. I have tried dissolving all records but this dissolves the null records too. I have tried selecting only the records to be dissolved and running the dissolve tool but that just gives me an output file with  only the dissolved records. How do I only dissolve the records that are indicated and not dissolve the null records? 

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You cannot do this in one step with geoprocessing tools.  You should select the records with values that you want dissolved and dissolve them.  Then select all of the records with Null values in your original parcels and use the Append tool with the NO TEST option to insert them into the Dissolve output.

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Thanks Richard. I appreciate your help.


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