please help me

07-30-2019 07:18 PM
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I have some shapefiles of building & structures (point), roads and administrative boundary (polyline), rivers, wetlands, swamp forest, agricultural land, forest, water bodies (polygon). Now I want to make a single raster or shapefiles keeping all my attr

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The fact is you can not merge feature classes of different geometry types. Hence you need to create 3 merged feature classes. To do this, use the Merge tool from Data Management tools to merge same type geometry feature classes. This will keep all the attribute values.

In order to create a raster layer from these shapefiles feature classes,

  • first they need to have a common field values representing e.g elevation or temperature, ... in all shapefiles.
  • then convert all lines/polygons into point feature classes. (polygon features will only cover the boundaries or perimeter) - Feature Vertices to Points tool
  • Use the Merge tool to merge all points (building/structure points+converted points from lines+converted points from polygons) with having all e.g. elevation values in one field (you can use field calculator to fix this).
  • finally, convert points to raster via Points to Raster tool. However this will not keep other attributes.