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Is there any way to have fields withing the attribute table "Auto-populate" if there are already other fields containing the data. In example, I fill out my "Pipeline" Table and within the table some of the fields to be attributed are manufacturer, specification, size, wall thickness, mill location, etc. If I have one of the rows already filled out, is there a way to have the other corresponding fields populate to match the row that contains the same information based upon the "heat number" field. Another example would be if I had a row with a pipeline heat number 1234, made by say "steel company", with a specification of "X42", and a wall thickness of ".218", could I have something set up to fill in the other fields for a different column as soon as I enter the same heat number "1234" for another row, since they would have the same specs?

If that is not possible, could I field calculate multiple fields at once, since I can field calculate one field based upon certain criteria. Please let me know if my example lacks information. From my perspective, the question makes sense, but of course that is because I know what I want to achieve, it is often difficult to try and convey and idea in your head, into words.

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Nothing gets autopopulated without some major scripting.  The same would apply for calculating multiple fields at once... that is more doable.  You could start with documenting your workflow using tools in Arctoolbox, then see if you can cobble a model together.

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I think there is something  quite similar to what you want, it is Subtype.

but you should create the table before , then once you choose in value in a field all other fields with subtype applied will auto fill.

read more about subtype A quick tour of subtypes—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

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As suggested by Abdullah Anter , I'd look at Subtypes as a start.  One of the advantages of Subtypes is that one can code a default value that will be automatically populated.

From the link Abdullah posted:

Each subtype can have its own set of default values. In the above example, the local streets subtype could have the default value for a speed limit attribute set to 25 miles per hour, while the default value for the main streets subtype could be 35 miles per hour. Whenever a local street is added to the streets feature class, its speed limit attribute will automatically be set to 25 miles per hour. Whenever a main street is added, the speed limit will automatically be set to the default of 35 miles per hour.

Note, however, that you will need to set up the defaults in the Subtypes ahead of time.  So if your project is a "figure out what we have as we go" type of project, you'll need to analyze all your combinations first so the Subtypes can be properly set.  Also, if this is a one-time project, it may be just as easy to instead Query the attributes and then Calculate the values for each selection to what they need to be instead of setting up Subtypes.

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Have you tried using attribute assistant? Attribute Assistant toolbar - Attribute Assistant | ArcGIS Solutions  We use it to autopopulate a number of fields. 


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It's very easy to create a modelbuilder model you can have open in ArcMap that populates  multiple field based on set criteria... you can just run it each time after you make changes..

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Sounds like you could also create template for each choice that has those values as default values, then while digitizing you would select whichever model youre creating and all that info would be defaulted in the table.

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