Why does exporting Features and Tabular Data from ArcMap 10.2.2 for Runtime exclude non-spatial Tables?

02-23-2015 11:54 PM
New Contributor

I'm trying to export Spatial and Non-Spatial data from a File GDB to a runtime .geodatabase file. When I try to access the .geodatabase file using the runtime, the FeatureTables property only contains the Feature Classes. Non-spatial tables that were added to the .mxd are missing.


Any ideas why?


Also, don't you just love it when you export data for runtime and the export function fails with "General Function Failure"? The last time this happened, I had to first remove layers until the export worked to figure out which feature class was causing the issue. After much trial and error, I was only able to export the offending feature class by creating a brand new feature class with the exact same fields, then copy and pasting the features from the original feature class to the new feature class. Before someone asks, simply copying the entire feature class to a new feature class did not work.

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