State Geocoding issue in Portal for ArcGIS 10.4.1

11-11-2016 08:52 AM
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Hi, We have a requirement where users will input a csv file with States and other attribute information like sales, profit and other similar information in Portal for ArcGIS 10.4.1. The portal is federated with ArcGIS Server with Datastore.

As this is an in house installation there are is no Geocoding service set up on server by default. So, I used 'Data and Maps for ArcGIS 2015' data bundle and created an address locator using state.gdb under usa -->census directory in the bundle.

Published the address locator as a Geocoding service. Using this published State Geocoding service, i am able to type input CA, or AZ or any other state and the geocoder can map the location in map viewer. But when I input the csv file with multiple states, get the below error. Batch geocoding is enabled for the service. The csv has only 5 states and attributes.

The Geocoding service accepts and geocodes this csv in ArcMap and also REST endpoint of the service.

Erorr thrown in portal when trying to geocode CSV using State Geocoding service:

Error executing tool. Generate Features for Portal Job ID: j836a93b6bf2e40ff9919c68fda888300 : ERROR 001508: Request to geocode service failed (made as part of generate or publish). Failed to execute (Generate Features for Portal).

Request to geocode service failed (made as part of generate or publish).

Geocode service retry with users identity failed

Opened a case with esri support, had 4 different analyst starting from first line of analyst all the way to advanced technical analyst, it was concluded that it is a software bug and will be fixed in upcoming release with no definitive date.

BUG-000100731 : Portal for ArcGIS fails to batch geocode a list of addresses in a csv when the Address locator is created in US Address -State locator style.

I have published another Geocoding service using the us_zips.gdb from same bundle from ESRI. This geocoding accepts multiple zips and identifies the zips on map.

Below are my question, would appreciate any input.

1) I am assuming geocoding US States would be the most common geocoding service any organizations would do. Have any of you come across this issue and if so how were you able to address this?

2)  i am looking for alternative approaches of creating address locator and publishing it as a service. Are there any other feature geodatabase much similar to us_states.gdb provided by ESRI, that i can leverage for creating an address locator and use it as a service for geocoding?

Your input is much appreciated.

Thank you,


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This issue is not reproducible in Portal for ArcGIS 10.5.

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