SQL Server (for SDE Enterprise GDB) Configuration Keywords- Help

03-16-2017 07:17 AM
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I stumbled across an article the other day that mentioned the configuration of a SQL Server keyword parameters and how Arc Catalog will let you export the configs/ edit them and then import them. 

I have 0 experience working with this and I am wondering what the benefit of doing this will be? I have the SDE Keyword Configs exported to a .txt file and not sure if it can be improved at all. I am referencing this:

 SQL Server configuration parameters—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Export Geodatabase Configuration Keywords—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 

Our data is updated/edited I would say somewhat often (Local Municipality) so residents info changes, building info changes etc... so our fillfactor is currently at 75.

Other than that I do not know where to begin. Is there anyone who has done this before who would have some insight or an example 'optimum'  config file I could reference?

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Hello Joe,

We used to do that sort of configuration back in the old ArcSDE days.

With everything now virtual and running on SAN hardware, the idea of tuning to specific table spaces for Oracle's /u01, /u02 and so on has been handed over to those tiers auto-tuning algorithms and SQL Server/ArcSDE defaults.