Edge Matching Topology Issues

03-17-2017 08:30 AM
New Contributor

We are having a issue with the displaying (visual) line bleeds on an area.  See  attachment Lot 420 at 1 to 1, you will see a blue line and a green line (there is s sliver between the green and blue line) and the pink topology selected line.  The topology select line is running down the middle of the sliver indicating the lines are coincident.  Lot 420 Shared Features shows segments are coincident  One is only able to see sliver when you are zoomed in to 1:100 - 1:1.  When you zoom out to 1:100+ there is no line bleeding between the blue and green segment (see Lot 420 1 to 250). See Topology  Error - Line Bleeds to see how this sliver typically looks. 

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