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Spatial reference does not exist in the data source

01-12-2021 03:28 AM
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  • Hi, Now I have a polygon layer, and I want to convert it to raster.

So, I tried to polygon to raster, however, the error came up with.


Spatial reference does not exist in the data source.

I have no ideal to solve this problem, please help me.


Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for your message!

I create the shapefile ,and I had no problem when I load the shapefile. 

I Succeed in Repair geometry, but failed Copy Features. I got the message below.


Unable to produce output. The data may be locked, the path may be incorrect, or access may be restricted.

Then I checked my data folder, and found the "lock file". (please look at the picture.)

However, I don't know this is the cause because there is another shp file.


Thank  you.

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Are you working on your local C: drive?

If Repair Geometry worked, just use Copy Features and specify a different geodatabase to save it in.

Reusing the same stuff isn't going to help, so change the name and location for the copy features to make sure that you have permissions to save the file.  Create a new geodatabase perhaps and specify a simple output file name  (eg.  c:\Temp\temp.gdb\X )

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Hi Hanako,

Can you try another way to copy the data to a new shapefile? For example, Exporting the data to another shapefile. You can follow the document below.

Exporting features

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