Saving an MXD with a datetime2 field from 10.5 to 10.2

06-14-2017 04:24 AM
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We have version 10.5 MXDs that use spatial data from a none-SDE sql database. It include the datetime2 attribute type on feature classes.

When this is saved as a version 10.2 MXD and opened in our 10.5 environment it still works.

When this 10.2 MXD is moved to a 10.2 environment that require a data source repair - then we get an 'invalid field type' error when the data repair window of the layer is opened.

We tested the exact same scenario using datetime as a sql data type instead of datetime2 - then there is no problems.

But 0.2 support datetime 2:

This support is proven if we open our version 10.2 'datetime' test MXD in the 10.2 environment and point it to a feature class that have datetime2. It works.

So the problem that we have is: We cannot do a data source repair in ArcMap 10.2 on layers that have a datetime2 attribute type.

Anyone with advice please?

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Hi Gert, 

 Could you provide a little additional info on the type of SQL geodatabase this data resides in? Is this a SQL personal / Desktop database or something along the lines of SQLite? I only ask because you (in theory) might be getting such an error if this data resides in a 2008R2 SQL database as 10.5 is unable / unsupported for connection to any SQL database prior to SQL Server 2012 SP3: Microsoft SQL Server database requirements for ArcGIS 10.5—System Requirements | ArcGIS Desktop 

It's odd that the datetime type works but the datetime2 seems to cause the error. I have quickly tested a similar workflow and was able to repoint data from a 10.2 .mxd in 10.5 without issue containing a field with datatime2 type.  

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Hi Rex

It is a MS SQL 2012 SP3 database (version 11.0.6248.0) It is a custom application database, not an SDE one.


The MXDs are created in 10.5 and then saved as a 10.2 version/copy.

The error happens when the data source resolve window is opened. Once one get passed that and it is opened, then the 10.2 environment can be pointed to a table with datetime2. The test MXD that we created to test normal datetime type is pointed to an exact copy of our sql table with the datetime type - This test MXD get past the error and allow the modal interface to open and then pointed to the correct table with datetime2.

Unfortunately I only have access to one 10.2 environment, so I cant test if is related to only this 10.2 instance.

In the meantime we recreated the MXDs on the 10.2 environment, but this will be problematic to do every time changes are being implemented.

Regards, Gert

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