Evaluation of River Cross Section

06-14-2017 10:07 PM
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Hi guys,

I was about to evaluate several river cross sections in CAD file format. Data was taken using RTK GPS survey and Electronic Total Stations. It was said that their boundaries are within 115m elevation and upon checking, some sections were either short and more than the specified elevation. I was wondering, is there any effect on the output since most of the sections were not within point to point of 115m elevation?

How can i easily examine the output if they didn't provide me xyz data?

Can i extract it on this CAD? For the z values, they submitted a river cross section profile in PDF format. I tried splitting those sections in 10m to get the values specified in PDF and add it to the attribute data so i can make a DTM or 3D of it.

Please help me so I can evaluate the data immediately.

I also attached those files for reference. CAD file for all the river sections and one PDF file for the profile.

Thank you.

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