Running Reconcile brings features from the Target SDE version to my Edit version.

10-22-2013 07:29 AM
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When I ran a Reconcile for my edited version, I noticed that the Target Version's SDE.Default features were added to my edited version within my area of interest.  The features I deleted in my versioned copy now show the my edits that I added, along with the features I deleted that are still held in the parent SDE version.  I have never seen this happen before.  I do not save the reconciled changes and exit editing.  How do I correct this issue.

Target Version is the SDE.Default
Conflicts are defined by attribute
Conflicts resolved in favor of the Edit version

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Are you absolutely sure these are the same features?

If you or someone else in another version accidentally copy & pasted a whole bunch at exactly the same location, they may have gotten inserted into the DEFAULT with new ObjectIDs. If they were posted to DEFAULT from that other version before you started reconciling, they might appear in your version upon reconciling (albeit with wrong ObjectIDs than), seemingly the same...
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