Question about Diagrammer ArcGIS 10 and Visio 2003

02-08-2012 01:00 PM
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Howdy All,
I'm using ArcGIS 10 and Visio 2003. I'm trying to create a Geodatabase poster. I found the updated version of the ArcGIS Diagrammer for ArcGIS 10. However, I think I'm missing something in the use of it... I was looking at the website: and towards the end of that page it mentioned using the Diagrammer found out on the arcscripts site to create these type of diagrams... I've snapped a picture from that site to give an example of what i'm trying to create:

[ATTACH=CONFIG]11819[/ATTACH] and the second picture is a thumbnail version of an overall poster that we're after...[ATTACH=CONFIG]11820[/ATTACH]

From what I can tell, the Diagrammer tool for ArcGIS 10 is NOT the same tool as the older versions. in as it does NOT create these types of diagrams, it creates something new. I also did NOT find any sort of template/stencil for Visio in the installed folders. I DID find two templates/stencils for Visio in an older version for ArcGIS 9.x The two templates are: GeodatabaseDiagrammerPS and GeodatabaseDiagrammerTT .vss and .vst files. These templates/stencils appear to have SOME but NOT all of the various elements that make up a geodatabase.

So my questions are:
1) Is there such a tool for ArcGIS 10 to create the older style of poster info using Visio or something that can go into Visio?
2) How much difficulty is there in getting the older diagrammer to work with ArcGIS 10?
3) Is there any sort of plans of bringing the older visio templates/stencils into the newer Diagrammer tool?
4) Is there any plans for updating these Templates/Stencils to include more element types in a Geodatabase, such as Topology, Layers and so on...?

Hope this all makes sense! If not reply back and I'll try and straighten out.

Thanks in advance,

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Have a look here:

It's easy to do, but there is a difference between "ArcGIS Diagrammer' and the "Geodatabase Diagrammer".

Hope this helps!
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