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Querytask With Geometry

02-23-2015 11:52 AM
Occasional Contributor


I have a map service which is published from a Querylayer (All records with shape field from Oracle).

These shapes are point geometries.

But I have  serious problem. I want to query this layer with a simple polygon geometry which contain the point geometries..

It is working but it returns points which are in the polygon geometry and also it returns points which are not in the polygon geometry but almost in the envelope of the polygon... I don't understand why.

In ArcMap I added data from Oracle and created a query layer. From the menu with "Select by location" tool, I am querying points from this querylayer which are within the polygon geometry I have drawn. All results are in the polygon geometry. I mean this tool works fine and correctly.

But when I publish this querylayer and perform querying with polygon geometry , the extra results come which are not in the poygon geometry but seem in the envelope of polygon geometry.

Something is wrong or i am missing something. Everything is so simple. querying with querylayers is so fast so please help me with this problem.


Thank you..

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