Mosaic Dataset Performance

04-21-2014 05:02 AM
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I have a mosaic of 250 Landsat 8 scenes. The mosaic looks good but the performance is poor. I have built pyramids, statistics and overviews but it still takes over 20 seconds to render. I have the compression set to LZ77. When I run the "Analyze Items" tool there are a number of errors showing. One is the error that says" The pixel type of the raster associated with the mosaic dataset item indicates that the pixel values might be outside of the range allowed by the mosaic dataset". I believe that is telling me that the data values are 16 bit while the mosaic dataset is 8 bit. However, I don't know how to fixz this problem. I tried to just change the bit depth in the Properties of the mosaic dataset but it would not let me. There are some other high warnings that I have tried to fix but I am unable to. Does anyone have a solution for this? It would be good if there was a best practices document for performance enhancements. This is getting to be our biggest challenge and it shouldn't be.

Bruce Burwell
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burwelbo‌ did you ever figure out your issue with poor performance? I am looking for advice on troubleshooting this also.

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