MODIS Import Tool for ArcGIS

12-18-2011 03:57 PM
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This seems to be one of those 'what simple thing am I doing wrong' type of a problem.

I'm trying to use the MODIS Import Tool for ArcGIS.

Looking at the messages from my processing a MODIS tile has been intersected using my boundary.

It then gets the error - "Error downloading images. Note: This is sometimes due to imagery source issues. Please try again shortly"

This problem keeps recurring.

The tool is found at

If you have any ideas, your thoughts would be appreciated.

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Does your internet connection pass through a proxy that requires authentication?  The MODIS Import Tool uses the python urllib module to download the images. The urllib documentation notes that:
Proxies which require authentication for use are not currently supported; this is considered an implementation limitation.
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Thanks Luke. I'll have to check but it sounds likely - Don
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