Missing attribute fields in CAD DWG feature classes

03-14-2017 05:21 AM
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We are trying to read a DWG file containing multiple layers with attributes.

ArcGIS (starting with version 10.3) is supposed to "break down" the DWG into multiple "feature classes", each one having its own subset of attributes (according to the original DWG object data).


The problem is, that, although we can see those separate "feature class" layers - the actual attribute fields are not there.

Interestingly, when the same DWG is saved (in AutoCAD) as a DXF - the DXF dataset contains the same "feature classes" with the expected attribute fields.


The same behavior is encountered when employing the "CAD to Geodatabase" geoprocessing tool: the resulting FGDB feature classes lack the expected attribute fields when exported from a DWG and have those fields when exported from a DXF.


Is there anything we're missing?


We really need to be able to read those attribute fields.


Please, advise.




Alexander Gleyzer.



  • data.zip containing entity_005_heb_2012.dwg & entity_005_heb_2012.dxf (saved in AutoCAD to DXF from entity_005_heb_2012.dwg).
  • dwg.jpg & dxf.jpg - ArcMap screenshots showing the expected & missing fields.
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