Limit Geocoding Information Returned by Locate Tool

12-18-2020 12:55 PM
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ArcGIS Pro 2.6

I have several locators created with create locator, and in each of them I have turned off what I consider to be extraneous Output Fields with the Locator Properties pane.  This limits what is in the attribute table of the results when batch geocoding a table of addresses.

Is it possible to limit what is returned in the details popup when using the Locate Tool?







That should just about do it....
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At this point in time the Locate Pane will always return all of the output fields when choosing "Show Details".  Another option is the "Detailed View" by selecting the burger menu on the top right but when it is enabled it will also show all of the fields.

It is a good requirement for a future enhancement to only show the enabled fields in the locator when in "Detailed View".  I think we would continue to show everything in the "Show details" dialog though.  I will add something to the backlog for the "Detailed View" though.