Is it possible to have the database connection URL as a parameter of a geoservice ?

02-19-2015 06:33 AM
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I have a mxd with one layer, made with ArcMap, and coming from one table in a DBMS (Oracle). I share this mxd as a service on a ArcServer. This service is called from a webpage to give me a beautifull map (and identify queries).

don't have to edit it

It works great. My App is the only one to use this service. Now I have to push my app in ACCEPTANCE environment and then in PRODUCTION env. Those extra env. have their own ArcServer and their own database.


Is it possible to have some paremeter so that the system engineers can change the target database for the service when they deploy it to a ArcServer ? So that I have to deliver one service (exported sa .sd file), and they don't have to edit the mxd and share as a service themselves for each env.


Thx in davance for any help or any other way of achieving the result !

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