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How do I relate a relationship class between tables to a feature class?

06-18-2020 08:18 AM
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I am working on a project in ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1 in which I am mapping reviewing territories for staff who are assigned to various programs in a department. For example, Reviewer A may review grant projects for Counties Q, R, and S, and tax credit projects for Counties R and T.

Presently, I have a file geodatabase that contains the following:

  • tblStaff: A standalone table of individual staff members.
  • tblProgram: A standalone table of the programs a staff member can be assigned to.
  • relStaffProgram: A many-to-many relationship class between tblStaff and tblProgram. A staff member may be assigned to multiple programs, and a program may have multiple assigned staff members.
  • fcCounty: A polygon feature class of counties.

A staff member's program assignment may include multiple counties, and a county will have multiple assigned staff members under specific programs. In other words, the many-to-many relationship between tblStaff and tblProgram itself needs to be in a many-to-many relationship with fcCounty.

I am puzzled as to how to relate a staff member's role in a specific program to their assigned counties. I've tried the following:

  1. Create a many-to-many relationship class between relStaffProgram and fcCounty—I tried this in both directions. In both cases, I received an error in the geoprocessing log: "ERROR 003050: / Failed to execute (CreateRelationshipClass)." The error did not reference a specific dataset, as described in the 003050 error reference.
  2. Make a query table based on relStaffProgram and create a many-to-many relationship class between the query table and fcCounty—I also tried this in both directions. In both cases, I received an error: "ERROR 001841: The class was not found%s. / Failed to execute (CreateRelationshipClass)." I could not find an error reference for 001841. It does appear in a single GeoNet thread, but for a different geoprocessing tool: ArcGIS PRO 2.1.3 brought new defect - ERROR 001841: The class was not found%s. Failed to execute (As...

I've considered replacing relStaffProgram with a standalone table with relates to tblStaff and tblProgram, but I don't think this would allow me to assign selected features to a relationship in a simple manner, as with the Add Selected to Relationship tool.

Is there a method that would allow me to represent these relationships while minimizing redundancy and manual data entry?

Thank you in advance—I've long relied on search results from GeoNet to guide me as I've become familiar with ArcMap and Pro over the past few years, so I suspect that one or more solutions aren't far from here.

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I get this same error message in a similar situation with Pro v2.7. I also cannot find a reference to "ERROR 001841" in the documentation.

After having fought with joins and relationship classes many times over the years without a lot of success I'm coming to the view that's it's more effecient time and aggravation -wise to never use these features, and instead rely on scripts or models to push the changes to the downstream tables and feature classes.

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