Having issues importing shp to File GDB

11-29-2018 08:55 AM
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Currently using ArcGIS Desktop 10.5.1.

Need to import (or export if easier) various shapefiles to a newly created File Geodatabase.

Have tried several options but same results or errors / warnings.  Warning 000594 and such.

It will import and create a file but it is only a few of the points in the original shapefile.

For example, my Area_Drain shapefile has 1040 points but only imports 40.  And my Catch_Basin shapefile has 5054 points but only imports 248.

Any help figuring this out is appreciated!!!!

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Can you post images or list the specific error message details?

Also, some there are some potential issues that come up when importing one format into another.  Here are some resources that can be helpful.  Note that they will probably not immediately solve your issue, but can provide some background for troubleshooting these issues:

How data converts when importing—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Geoprocessing considerations for shapefile output—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 

In terms of a specific error message mentioned, refer to this:

Error: WARNING 000594: Input feature falls outside of output geometry domains 

Based on this warning, it sounds like the data is either a CAD file or a shapefile created from CAD.  That could easily explain why data is not importing, as CAD data often take some extra processing or settings changes to be able to import.  See the solution they recommend in the link.  I have run into this issue often, and typically use the "Disable M and Z values" solution to resolve this.

Chris Donohue, GISP

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What if...  You create an empty point feature class in you Fgdb that has the same schema as your Area_Drain shapefile; then use the append tool or simple data loader to bring the data in....

That should just about do it....
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