10-06-2013 05:11 AM
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We are using ArcMap 10.1.

We are new to Esri ArcMap and really anything GIS.  We have a need for maps, elevation data, LIDAR and topo information.  We have been using usdaNRCSGeospatial Data Gateway, National Map Orthoimagery, GIS Data Depot and local government GIS websites.  We have recently heard of ArcCatalog and wondered what other resources there are for basic GIS data as described above, that a non-GIS professionals can access?
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If you're generally working in one or two states, look for a state GIS depot (search the state name and GIS) like Ohio's is OGRIP. A big university library in the state may also maintain a list of GIS data resources although some may be available to university-affiliated people only.

For national level when the sites come back up (currently shutdown in October 2013), USGS including

If you're working in a lot of areas, I would still suggest focusing on one area first to help focus on learning the software and data resources.

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