Geocoding: Addresses not matching to streets though ranges and data are complete

05-01-2015 10:09 AM
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Noticed some addresses are not geocoding streets even though the data is complete for the address file and the street feature class used for the Address Locator.  Went into the interactive window thinking it would yield us some results but nothing.

We rebuilt the locator thinking that would correct it but no dice.  Is there a new bug out there in 10.3?

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Special characters and apt/ste/blg in the address can cause geocoding those entries to fail.  Could you provide the locator and some sample data for others to test?


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Hello All,

It appears that it is an issue with the single address field.

Our work around:

  1. Standardize the single line address and parse out into individual fields.
  2. Create a new field and concatenate the address data into one address.
  3. Geocode on the newly concatenated single line field.

The addresses that were not geocoding now appear in the correct location.

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I'm curious with your correction; you are using a single address field locator on linear features? Can you provide a screen shot or two that shows your data and locator? I use single address field locators for points and polygons but ranges for streets. Or did I completely mis read your post and you cleaned up your addresses?

Hey Steven- thats got to be the best avatar ever!

That should just about do it....