Export from ArcGIS to Revit or IFC

01-24-2011 11:11 AM
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Does anyone know of a workflow that would allow one to import IFC files exported from Revit to SDE via the data interoperability extension and then export this back out either to native Revit format or IFC? Export to IFC seems to not be supported and we're trying to figure out a way to export out 3D objects in ArcGIS back into IFC, ideally Revit format. Looks like you can get the BIM data into SDE but can't get it back out.
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Interesting thread but no replies...anyway i think that importing or exporting using DI is limited to IFC format only (as per www.esri.com/library/fliers/pdfs/data-interop-formats.pdf)... i thinks this needs a better understanding of the Industry Foundation Class format at the first...more over when you are trying to use the ArcGIS exported IFC in Revit...what's the error you get??

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Wow, this still hasn't changed!  Any progress in 4 years?  Does anyone know another way to do this?
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I'd be interested in the ArcGIS to Revit Export 


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