ESRI MDCS - AddRaster does not takes care of Enviroment Settings

02-04-2022 03:15 AM
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Hello, I'm using MDCS in my workflow to create, configure mosaic datasets and then populating them with data. I'm running MDCS script in to a machine in which there is ArcMap 10.8 installed.

I've found that the AddRaster command fails because I have to set the parallel processing factor to 0.

I've added in the config file the node inside the node <Processes>:


Unfortunately this node seems not be considered by the AR (AddRaster) command of MDCS.

To fix this trouble I have to add the following line code in the python script

arcpy.env.parallelProcessingFactor = "0"

Really do I have to modify the original MCDS script to run successfully the AR command ? 

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