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Error Reconciling a child Version to QA

06-15-2023 03:32 AM
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Morning Please assist with the following Error when reconciling in favor of the edit version.


[6/14/2023 12:26:45 PM] Starting reconcile.

[6/14/2023 12:26:45 PM] Reconciling version DBO.RESTORE2 with dbo.DEFAULT.

[6/14/2023 1:01:57 PM] Warning: Error reconciling version DBO.RESTORE2.[Invalid network element id]

[6/14/2023 1:01:57 PM] 1 of 1 versions finished.

[6/14/2023 1:01:57 PM] Finished reconcile.

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Troubleshooting Steps regarding Invalid network element i

  • Run Repair Geometry to validate geometric network for invalid Ids
  • Is the issue specific with a feature class as the parameter is (or has an element that is) the wrong kind of geometry.
  • Reconcile XXX_child version with Default_QA in the favor of target version.
  • Review conflicts and resolved conflicts one by one.
  • Post changes to Default_QA.
  • Reconcile Default_QA to SDE_Default version.
  • Validate all changes in default version.
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