Editor Tracking using SDE

01-12-2015 04:17 PM
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Hi all,

I am in the process of learning more about Entreprise geodatabase(newbie) because I would like my department to use a multiuser database so they can all edit at the same time (no lock).

My first step a new schema for a team of 8 digitizers. then I am not too sure...

I was wondering, Is it possible to have 8 different (loggins) user names (names of the digitizers) and passwords to the same schema ?... (unlike what we have now where the schema name is the user name.) This would be really useful to have each editor name so it shows in FCs attribute table when the edits are being made.

I would also like to break to make sure these users are all lumped into a group role of "EDITORS".

Last question, more general/basic: what is the difference between users and roles/privileges?

Thank you,


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