Editing 2007 MS Access .accdb using OLE DB connection?

06-21-2013 09:50 AM
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Can you edit a 2007 MS Access .accdb file format using the OLE DB connection?

I have made the connection using the following:


I can add and view the tables from this file in ArcMap, but when I try to start an edit session on this table, it errors out with the follwoing 2 errors:

  • No editable layers

  • Check to see that you have the appropriate permissions

I created a .accdb file from scratch, so it is not read only.

Under the Advanced tab in the Data Link Properties for the OLE DB connection, I have set the ReadWrite option check mark and unchecked the rest and I am still unable to edit this table in ArcMap.


There isn't much documentation on the OLE DB connection in the help file other than how to connect as posted above. Can anyone point out what I may be doing wrong?

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