Dynamically Geocoding Table and updating of attributes on SDE SQL Server Based

02-08-2013 10:44 AM
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How could I get the attributes in existing records updated as the status changes (from open to closed status) and also have a dynamicallly geocoding table in SDE? So far I've only been able to get the append part, but the dilema lies in updating the attributes since I have the same information set on two tables (A and B). Below is a more detailed explaination and I also attached a graphic of how it is set up currently.

I was finally able to get the SDE table to dynamically geocode upon adding of new records in the database kept by non-gis users in MS Access.  The workflow is the incidents are taken and put into an MS access form which is connected via ODBC connection to table 'A' held in SDE 10.0.  I have a model builder process that takes the new records and appends them to another table, 'table B' in the same geodatabase which is basically a replica of the first 'table A'.  I have table 'B' because in order for the table to dynamically geocode, I must go into Edit mode first and then run the model builder process to append the new records in Arcmap otherwise when new records are added in through the ODBC connection by the MS Access form user, table A does not dynamically geocode.

So my questions are:
1-How can I get Table A's existing attribute information to update those in Table B's in addition to the appending of the records? The records are edited as often as every minute and have approximately 10 attribute fields.

2-How can this get automated so I do not have to change the date parameter and new records will automatically append themselves and changed attributes will automatically get changed into Table A without myself running modelbuilder every few minutes?  Any help with terminology to help me look up how to do this would be great too.  Anything is helpful. 

3-how can I get embed an edit session to start when running model builder?  [ATTACH=CONFIG]21633[/ATTACH]
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